Above is a graphical overview of the TimeTender architecture. A typical system may not use every available feature.

Clock Terminals
A small electronic wall-mount terminal typically provides the interface where employees punch in/out. Office employees can punch from their desktop or smartphone as well. "Real time" terminals are driven directly by a PC. Batch terminals operate independently of the PC but still require a data connection. Local terminals are usually hard wired with wireless options available. Remote, off-site terminals connect intermittently using a dial-up modem or ethernet.

Terminals can be equipped with a variety of identification devices and options including direct keypad entry, swipe cards, ibuttons, bar code and RFID. Biometric and valumetric options are also available.

The TimeTender system can be installed in-house on your hardware and network. A reasonably handy do-it-yourselfer can usually install a simple, single terminal system with only telephone support. More complex systems may require a contractor and/or networking professional. Ask one of our resellers about custom installation availability.

Web Hosted
Alternately, the TimeTender software can be hosted remotely on our servers. An available PC with web browser can serve as a clock terminal allowing employees to punch in/out across the Internet; no additional hardware or software required. Otherwise, a wall-mount terminal must be installed locally. Installation is as easy as a telephone; just hang the box on the wall and connect to an analog (fax type) phone line or ethernet. The terminal transfers collected data to our web server on a regularly scheduled basis, usually at night so updates are available every morning.

For management purposes, a PC with internet access is all that is needed to login and view/edit data from anywhere in the world.