Example Case Study

Name: Atlanta Kitchen Equipment, Inc.

Location: Douglasville, Georgia

Description: Commercial kitchen equipment dealer and fabricator of custom stainless steel food prep equipment (work tables, sinks, cabinets, etc.) for commercial kitchens (schools, hospitals, prisons and hospitality industry). In business since 1986 with annual revenues of over $8m.

Objective: Assemble work hours for payroll but also associate labor and other costs with each item manufactured and track employee productivity.

Solution: TimeTender software with job costing module. Three clock stations on the shop floor are equipped with RFID readers. Employees are identified using keyfob tags. Work items are identified by a proximity card assigned to each work order. At the clock terminal, employees simply present their keyfob ID followed by the card for the item they will be working on.

Comments: "We have found TimeTender to be an effective method to electronically track employee time for payroll and job costing activities. We're a small business and TimeTender has given us an inexpensive solution to our time tracking needs."