Wireless Options

Running new wire between the clock terminal and the PC is inconvenient and/or costly in some environments. For these situations, we offer alternative data transfer options.

Radio Frequency

Our RF modems are drop-in wire replacements. Software setup and configuration is exactly the same as for a hardwired installation. Simply connect one modem to the PC, the other to the clock terminal and forget the wire. Practical indoor range is a few hundred feet in most cases. Recommended where real time data is essential.


This whimsical term refers to the transfer of data by physically carrying media from one location to another. Simple and low tech but effective in many situations and ultra-low cost. In our case, the transfer of data is from the clock terminal to the PC and the "media" is a small hand held storage device. When plugged in at the clock terminal, data is transfered into the device. When plugged in at the PC, data is transfered out for long term storage and use. The advantage is ease of installation; just power up the terminal and you're immediately ready for business. The drawback is latency. To access the latest data you must physically go retrieve it; however, this is perfectly acceptable in some cases.